Virus Disinfection Services

COVID-19 Disinfecting Services You Can Count On

Virus Disinfection Services

Virus Disinfection Services

As a complete residential and commercial cleaning services provider in the greater Middletown, RI region, Aquidneck Island Carpet & Floor Care provides virus disinfection services for homes and offices. Protect yourself and your loved ones, employees, clients, and visitors against Covid-19 and other dangerous virus-related diseases by utilizing our thorough cleaning and disinfection services.

Virus Disinfection Levels

We offer several disinfection levels to meet your specific protection needs. Our office can help you determine which level is best for your particular circumstances.

Level 1: We use a power sprayer or fogger with an EPA-registered disinfectant against coronavirus to spray hand-touched items, including counters, desktops, door knobs, light switches, and more.

Level 2: In addition to completing Level 1, we wipe down flat countertop areas.

Level 3: We perform Levels 1 and 2 cleaning and disinfecting, plus janitorial cleaning of bathrooms and other spaces, including mopping and vacuuming (as needed).

Level 4: If there are or have been known cases of Covid-19 at the premises, this is the level of cleaning that you need. It includes Levels 1-3 with deep cleaning and disinfecting, as well as disposal of biohazard waste. We utilize EPA-registered disinfectants against coronavirus and we closely follow local jurisdiction biohazard load reduction practices.

Level 5: For an extra level of protection, opt for Level 5, which provides virus disinfection plus an anti-virus protective coating. This provides daily and up to 90 days of protection against Covid-19. In addition to using an EPA-registered disinfectant against coronavirus, we apply a coating with a protective chemical. Let us know if you’d like all areas covered or just the high-touch areas.

Additional Services

In addition to providing cleaning services with the levels of protection against Covid-19 that we’ve just listed, we offer other services that can save you time while keeping your home or business squeaky clean. These services include:

  • Residential Cleaning: Aquidneck provides thorough, green-certified cleaning for your home for a healthy indoor environment for you and your loved ones.
  • Floor Cleaning: Keep your floors looking great with our vacuuming, mopping, and floor surface deep-cleaning services.
  • Commercial Cleaning: With our background in housecleaning management for 5-star hotels, we’re up to the task of cleaning any commercial property.
  • Window Cleaning: We'll leave your windows beautifully clean and streak-free.
  • Additional Services: We’re also available for construction cleaning, maid services, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, janitorial services, and more!

To get started, reach out and contact Aquidneck Island Carpet & Floor Care for reliable, professional cleaning services today!

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